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I'm a weird demisexual equality guy.

Cats, Japan, Video Games, Religion, Art, Music, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Shingeki no Kyojin, and lots of personal stuff.

I get most of my content from my dashboard follows, Facebook, or content that I see on my IRC networks. I don't get deep into any fandom. It's a quirky mess. I also don't follow back unless you have content that I love and want to make my own. You'll know within a page or two if you're mad enough to follow me :3

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oh i couldn’t resist. here’s the WIP thus far.



I have the basics sequenced. Now I just need to clean it up… tomorrow.

It’s been a long time coming, but I think… I think I have a new mashup idea to try out -immediately- :3c


holy shitttttttttttttt

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Infected Mushroom,
Converting Vegetarians

Those feelings when you message someone on FB, and you see that they’ve read your message, but they don’t respond. So you ask for a response. They see your message and don’t respond. You do it once more, and same result. 

you want people to hang out with you but you can’t even send a damned reply so I can work out how we’ll meet up? i’m mad fuck you ugh


it’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

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Cosmos edited for rednecks


so apparently neil has a house according to a line from the game so we were trying to figure out what kind of house he would have and then it just…………….

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Meeting Gogo by Silas


Jet takes flight.


More abhorrent racism, homophobia, and misogyny from user Believe it! on the Dragon Age wiki.  Because, apparently, no one can get over the fact that Cassandra isn’t excessively feminine and Sera is a lesbian.

What’s actually awful about this is that living human beings are so tiny and insignificant that they can’t even judge reality. Noooooo, these people look at the microcosm of a story or a game, and they judge creations like real people. In fact, people CARING about being attracted to video game characters is so inane that I distanced myself from being a part of that delusional crowd a long time ago. You cannot “romance” a video game character. You can follow or exploit game code to get a result, but that result is NOT romance and is NOT attraction.

If you experiencing something for the the story and the characters, then I hope you get something real out of. You know, a moral or insight or understanding. I grew up on video games that taught me so much in terms of language, concepts, storytelling, and game design. BUT THIS SHIT? PEOPLE SAY I SHOULD BE GLAD I WAS BORN BUT I WAS NOT BORN TO GET ALONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. WHY DO YOU PLAY GAMES AT ALL? YOU’RE NOT PLAYING; YOU’RE PLAYING WITH YOURSELF AND GETTING NOTHING OUT OF IT except more misogynistic thoughts and ideas, more outward judgmental standards of beauty, sexism, and racism. Stories aren’t made to house beautiful people. The characters in a story are a means to an end, nothing more. 

In short, there’s too many faceless people (children, really) with abhorrent morals and little responsibility on the internet. I blame parents, I blame TV, and I blame our money-obsessed society. But blaming those doesn’t get us anywhere, so you know who needs to pick up the slack? People like these. They’re EVERYWHERE ;_;

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I’ve played a LOT of Dark Souls 2 since it game out. Like, 500-600 hours including my speedrun characters. The game has lost a lot of its challenge because of this.

Last night, I started my first Soul Level 1 playthrough of DaS2. I’ve taken out Old Iron King. I’m taking on The Lost Sinner now. Belfry Gargoyles got rekt’d first try. I’m doing really well and hope to complete the game in under 10 or 15 hours. I’m at…. 3.5 hours now :3



i love when old people figure out how to do something on a computer that’s actually really simple but to them it’s like 


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